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It seems evident that the traditional ways of building a website have laid the foundation for powerful frameworks such as wordpress, joomla or even drupal. It is the need of the market and the demand of customer that these frameworks came into the picture to fulfil the new market requirements. New requirements include cross browser and cross device performance. A website must now be versatile in terms of the environment it will be subjected to.

So how to begin a project in any CMS, especially with a platform such as Drupal or Wordpress which are widely popular and constantly subjected to adaptations.

Get your requirements right! Requirements play a vital role in driving the course of project. It is very important to capture all the requirements before we begin any development activity. Change in requirements is extremely difficult to manage once you go in coding phase. Same is the case with Drupal. Drupal has plenty of modules to handle most of the modern day requirements. But compatibility of the modules with the template can be a issue. The best practice for this would be to float a list of questions to the template author which can help you to ascertain whether you will get the desired output in the end.

Content... You ready? Content plays a key role and is most often the time delaying element which can throw your project schedule off its intended track. Even if you get the page layouts and web elements sorted out, it is possible that the content that you want to put up in a page needs to be customised or updated to fit in the elements.

Updates and Backups: The CSS files and Media queries’ are the files that are mostly likely to be updated when it comes to customizing a template. It is very easy to go down a path where you end up making a lot of changes to these files but if you want to recover it is not possible. Having backups gives you that extra bit of cushion to boldly go into the customization efforts.

Be it an individual project or a group effort, when it comes to Drupal it is always best to setup a set of protocols that can help you to recover or handle the development in a minimal risk environment.

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