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The first meeting with the client is often the critical situation. You need to be prepared with what you do or you are expertise in, you need to prepared with the facts and strategy about the market, about the property and you need to be a complete package to build a strong partnership with your customer. A good meeting increases the chance that the client will work with you. So always consider it as your job interview or a date. And go win it.

1.Leave a reason so that they come back to you.

It’s not just about giving them introduction or knowing their needs in the first meeting, you should provide them some information and clues like what all you can do for them. There should be curiosity in them so that they come back to you and show interest in what and how you work.

2.Have an idea about client and then reach to him

Google is the best option for this. Before going to meet any client knows about them, what are their properties, strategy and how they think. Find some information about them so it will create a good rapport with your client and you can talk with him in much more confident way.

3.Don’t use your smartphone for personal calls instead use it to show your work.

Whenever you go to meet your client, first and foremost thing is don’t get disturbed due to your smartphone or don’t disrupt your client while having conversation. Treat your client as they are more valuable to you.

4.Focus more on the positive points rather than negative ones

Client already knows about the economy or sad market news, so whenever you sit with him avoid these conversations and instead give them something different which is unknown to them. Focus on the positive things about market as how they can increase their presence and can grow in better way.

5.Two way conversation

If you are going to meet a client it should be two way conversations, only you should not speak as a sales person or client should speak about his requirements. Firstly, you need to start with who you are, then ask him about what are his requirements then accordingly provide them some better solutions and make sure it is conveyed properly.

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