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Programming is a vital part of software development and strong weapon of good programmer too. In order to become a better programmer, you need to have really good knowledge of algorithms, syntax of that particular programming language, data structure, OOPS concepts various programming concept e.g. multithreading, recursion, prototyping, and unit testing.

It’s a combo of many skills which are required to become a programmer. It’s damn true that, it takes lots of efforts in term of programming practice and experience on programming hence it takes years to become a good programmer. Many product based companies focus on this skill only while recruitment. So, any programmer should know about programming and to become a good programmer we need to have good programming practice while programming.so here are some programing guidelines which will help you to become a good programmer.   

1) Coding :

A question may arise in your mind is that, why coding is at the top in this list? So, the answer is, this skill is the only identity of programmers by which the programmer can be identified from the crowd .Hence this coding skill is at the top of this list. This is the crucial and vital skill of programmer and by doing coding you can identified that what mistake we are doing while coding, also we can realize error handling. Programmer cannot only focus on designing but it has to be more focused on coding as well because it produces actual product.

2) Reading Books:

            Initially we are not aware of how to write good code so to write good code we have to know that what makes coding good? There are so many things which programmers

have to keep in mind while coding therefore, to know these tricks programmer needs to read books. And there are so many programming languages which are actually used to write code so to know the syntax and semantic of that particular language programmer need to read that book properly.

3) Contributing to Open Source, Signing-up mailing lists:

Open source is a concept which is available to everybody and it allows to download any open source software for free .Apart from this, it has a forum where various discussion are going on related to particular topics are going on so by participating in such discussion a programmer can knows some good things about programming. And also emails are equally helpful to improve such skills

4) Practising data structure, Algorithms and Design related problems:

This “Practice” skill also plays an important role in case of programming because, practicing above parameters really helps to programmer to code properly. I believe that it takes too much efforts and even years to become a good programmer but by practicing algorithm will help programmer to develop code according to its respective functionality. Data structure is a key parameter which tells about data mapping is the system.

5) Reading Good Blogs:

This is also the important tip for programmer to read good blogs based on programming topics because there, programmer can find useful information which is related to programming. Reading a good programming informative blogs is like reading a small book. And the blogs are written by an author so after reading it if any confusion or any query will arise in mind  then we can share it with that author and get rid of that particular query.   

6) Reading Code

As reading blog is a good habit then reading code carefully will help to identify the quality of a code reading blog is quite easy as compared to read code. Hence, most of the programmers have glasses for eyes. Read and try to understand the code from various source will help to understand what it does, how it. Initially you may feel bored but gradually you will get acquainted with coding .will develop good coding sense which will alert you when you are doing some mistakes while coding. . This Code sense is one of the sign of better programmer.

7) Writing Unit test

This tip states that, the programmer writes code according to unit test, this complement coding process and helps you to design better. Unit test helps to find out better names, better interface better classes from the code. But like coding and designing, unit testing is also important ad this task is bit difficult for programmers. It will be better to make it a rule, always write Unit test for your code.

8) Doing Code review

Of course programmer have to have this habit and they have this habit in case of coding, sometimes some mistake are happens that mistakes are due to not proper reviewing of code.  Code review is another thing which help to become a good solid programmer. Code review helps to identify the mistakes which are happened into and by reviewing it ,that mistake can be rectified.

9) Talking to fellow programmer

 Talking to fellow programmer is again a good habit to improve programming skill because programming skill varies from programmer to programmer. Hence, different programmer have their different ideas and tricks so it’s better to discuss the things with fellow programmer. This will definitely help to resolved the issues if you faces while coding

10) Participating Stack Overflow and forums, commenting in Blogs

This is activity which helps to gain, improve, and share the knowledge with the community. Because, on programming related forum, blogs, there is always discussion going on various topics so this habit will be beneficial. ssIt’s a saying that “If we share the knowledge, our knowledge will get increases”. This participation is very helpful to programmer to Increase their knowledge.

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