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If support from the source has been getting reduce then customers has to be moved on with different option or rather we can say more efficient sources. The same situation happens with the YouTube.

YouTube lacked support for Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) that allows more videos with less buffering. Now if they are not getting good support they choose the HTML5 in replacement of Flash.

Because of DRM support in web browsers HTML5’s Encrypted Media Extension has been in questionable in web communities, points out by Techcrunch.

With HTML5, YouTube will able to run faster and it reduce the countable Percentage for buffering the video timings. This change we might not feel but once will start 4kvideo, and then this reduction will make good difference in the buffering as well as in running.

Moving ahead with technology always going to be beneficial with all around the aspects, Now YouTube also take advantage of HTML5 and increase the efficiency as well as the features of video line.

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