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In this software development age of faster time to market, competitive pressure, and constant product evolution, testing and quality assurance can often fall by the wayside.

However, customer expectations are higher than ever—and in the case of mobile applications, customer patience is shorter than ever—so testing has become even more important.

Software tests are (herein referred to as software testing) commonly known as “a test to verify if there is no problem with software”.


Software testing, in this sense, may seem to be similar to tests of various “artefacts (products)”, to check the safety of confectioneries, whether batteries are produced as specified.

In fact, many problems have been revealed concerning inspections and testing of these products in recent years.


On the other hand, unlike such tangible products, software would have different types of problems because problems in software are hard to see by users until such problems actually are visualized by a series of defects.


   Trend of software test Technologies


  1. Links between test process and software development process
  2. Static test
  3. Automation of software test                                                           


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