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E-commerce order notification mail in Drupal

Drupal is best known for its security purpose. In market there are n number of CMS available but CMS like Drupal, Magneto,  zoompla are pretty much acceptable by web developers because of their key unique selling points.

For Drupal security is one of the major pillars.

 Commerce Kick-start and Drupal commerce are mostly used for e-commerce purpose.

If you are using the Drupal commerce, you must come across the situation when you want to get the user notified for their orders with your site.

Below are the details steps where you can customize the order mail which will be send whenever user is putting any order.

Order Placing Mail format :-

NOTE:- The steps for creating the  order format will be same for both customer and admin but the difference is that, the code for customer we should write in  customer block and code for admin we should write in admin block.

Click on  store-> configuration->email

Go to order email which is related to customer

Set text format as Full HTML

Scroll down the page and go to the tokens and select any one for displaying the value of the mail like as to display value related to the order click on order token


Click on any token to use it’s sub token like for order related information click on order token.

When we click on it then it’s sub-menu will be display and then go to the order id and copy it’s pattern

Now paste the token in the customer clock

We can see the format of mail and also can make proper format click of source option:-

Click on save configuration option.

Mail format is ready for Sending.



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