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Characteristics Good Software Code    

“Software code” is a very crucial part of technical development of any software due to which automated systems or any system can work and this crucial task is done by a developer plays vital role in the software code. While coding a software code there are so many parameters which matters a lot to make the software code good and quality worthy.

Now, Quality comesin picture when development of software code starts .So for this good quality software code there are 8 characteristics which will help to developer to make it good quality worthy and also will reduce efforts to tackle errors or bugs .

  • Code Should Work properly :

Software code is mean to serve an appropriate functionality of it. So whatever code developer will develop that should be work properly according to its functionality.

  • It should be Readable:

The s/w code should be readable by other programmer and sometimes by user also. Because it’s very necessary and important when sometimes n somehow developer switches the project. And there are different ways to write code so the way the code is written that should be written clearly with proper flow and having good comments written with it.

  • It should be Testable Enough :

Good software code should be testable programmatically. In other words, we can say that , the code should be written in a such way that it could be testable while unit testing and does what is supposed to do and gives the expected result of it.

  • It’s easy to maintain:

When code is developed so no matter the way it has been written but there may be bugs arise so need o fixed it.The bug fixing will depend on the things which are like readability, modifiability .So the code should be maintainable by the original developer or another developer too.

  • It’s pleasant to look at:

This characteristic tells us that the spacing, indentation, naming specification capital letters should be written properly so that at a glance it will be identifiable.

  • Easy to change:

Many a times there will the requirement to make some modification in the code of functionality. So good code is considered to be easy to change with less efforts. Developers love the code which will not be affected due to any modification or any specific change in functionality.

  1. It should be simple:

The good code is to be considered as it has less complexity in it by avoiding so long loops, so long nested loops, unwanted comments and confusing function names etc.

  • It should be efficient:

The efficiency of the code is totally dependent on the time taken by that code to get executed and should generate appropriate result of it. According to developer the best code should be that which will take minimum time and resources to get executed.


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