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Need Sitemap.xml for your Drupal  Web-Site: Use XML-Sitemap Module

Drupal website does not have by default site XML file, we need to explicitly create that file.

Along with this single question multiple questions must be coming for example How to create, where to create, and where to place that file if created and many more.

You don’t have to worry about all this question now just few clicks and Drupal is taking care of all your these questions.

Just Use XML-Sitemap Module and you can  get all your answers.

Refers below steps and you will get your sitemap

Step 1: Download and install your XML-Sitemap Module

Step 2: In modules Click the configuration link which is front of this XML-Sitemap.

Step 3: You will get redirected to below screen.


Step 4: Run the Cron manually and add the user permission for viewing the sitemap.

Step 5: Now you will get last updated by current timing.

Now your sitemap is ready to submit to webmasters.

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