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Become more competitive in the Market

How can I grow my business ? I want to become more competitive ! How can I create a presence in the Market ?. A business now needs to be proactive and always improving. The consumer has now the potential to be global and so does the business. There is a general consesus around the globe that with the right set of unique business processes and services coupled with a quality product can help a business to start on a good footing. It is pretty common for a business to have a core service for which they can provide a optimised and quality solution or even the best solution available in the market, this is the very foundation of strating a business. But is it enough ?

Market is mostly driven by cconsumers or atleast that has been the realization in the past few decades. A consumer now has a wide array of choices for a particular need. This is because the manufacturers are always coming up with innovative solutions while keeping the cost affordable. Manufacturers are competiting heavily amongst themselves to provide the best solution tailored for the consumer demograph. This has lead to revolution and major exploration in related sectors. IT is a evering changing, updating and adapting industry. IT solutions have now crossed over into sector like medicine, agriculture, finance, consumer etc. Smart business owners have identified that a consumer has now become tech savvy, where fast and efficient services can surley help out to reach maximum audiences. So what can a business owner do to become more competitive ?

1. Do I need Tech solution ? This can only be answered by doing in depth study on the business process. For e.g an online ordering service can reduce the time spent on calls and resources can be used efficiently. Also one can cater to a wider audience. The idea is to understand key areas of a business process where if you provide automation, you can reduce cost, time delays and increase quality of service.

2. Marketing .. where am I ? If you are still doing door to door marketing or hand-bills circulation or any other traditional marketing techniques 

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