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  • Web Design is crucial part of Web development. Where web Designer show their skills by designing web pages in such a way that, there will be the combo of creativity, innovation, design, colourfulness etc.
  • Now, let’s take a look of designing where coding plays vital role to build a creative web application. So, while coding we require a keyboard where keys plays important role and on that keyboard there are multiple keys out of which special character keys are again important for coding.so the blog  is about special characters .
  • When we are talking about clear writing at that time the importance of mechanism of spelling, grammar, punctuation matters a lot and the importance of using special characters are often overlooked. Before digital writing type, there were limited set of characters available on the keyboard so special characters were less in number on that keyboard.
  • Although the characters which are printed on your keyboard are just the tip of the characters which you can use, and there are few characters which are either left out or less used.  Here are some guidelines of the important characters you should be using while designing a web application
  1. Dashes: A dash is also known as Hyphen which is the most commonly used character of the dash symbol generally there are the en, em ,and minus sign but these are not same.

The difference between these is as follow:

  • Hyphen (-): A hyphen is easily inserted from the keyboard, so is often used as compared to a minus sign, an en dash, or an em dash.
  • En Dash (–): An en dash is wider than a hyphen and used for value ranges (e.g. 3–6, 4 March–6 March, A–Z )
  • Em Dash (—): An em dash is the widest of the three and is used instead of a colon to separate words for definitions or before a citation.
  • Minus (−):  This in not a technically used dash unless an until we are using it for mathematical calculations.

2)     Ellipses: An ellipsis looks like three dots used to set the text to indicate omission, pause, or continuation of repetitive text.  It’s often seems that it just a 3 dots place adjacent to each other


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