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Can this be a Best CMS

Now-a-days website is most easy and reliable way to communicate with the other people. Whether it is a big organization or small, everyone is using this resource. There are lots of open source CMS and the popular name in the list is Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla. But according to the analysis these three are not the best CMS in the market.

Let’s go through the following things so that we can come to know why these three CMS on the market.


  Text Box: When we ask a question in a forum that “What CMS should I use?”<br />
Some suggest “Definitely Joomla, it’s the best!”<br />
Some suggest “WordPress all the way”<br />
Some suggest “Drupal is way better”</p>






This type of conversation not only adds no value but also does confuse the person who is new to this thing. I'm sorry to all of you in the Joomla, Drupal and WordPress camps but the fact of the matter is, but your CMS is simply not the best. Of the thousands of content management systems on the market has its own strengths. There are some that are suited better to blogging, some that are great for complicated projects requiring more of a framework and some that are better for multilingual websites, and that's just describing a few use cases.

WordPress is Not the Best CMS

WordPress is first a blogging platform and suffers from following things:-

  • it has too much dependence on plugins and the main thing is that, these plugins are not tested by any WordPress core developer. There are lots of numbers of plugins that are old and out dated yet still available to install on your system.
  • Another important thing is that you’ll get constant updates; the problem Is that a simple plugin update can bring your site down hard

I’m not saying that it is a bad CMS but like all other CMS it has its own faults.


Joomla is Not the Best CMS

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications, but simply it’s not the best CMS out there.

It suffers from the same issue that WordPress have that is plugin, constant updates and outdated plugin is still there.

  • For some reasons, the site based on this CMS has a high rate of hacking attempts. I am not saying Joomla is the most hacked CMS by any stretch. I am simply pointing out that in my case; I am contacted about it more often than any others.
  • Joomla also tends to be a bit more advanced than WordPress and those who recommend it to new users who don't have experience with content management systems or have never used one before are doing them and the product a disservice. There are far easier CMS out there but Joomla is definitely on the right track lately with its releases and is getting much better.

Like WordPress, Joomla has plenty of issues too and while it is a good product, it's not the best CMS on the market nor is it suitable to just recommend it for anything without thinking things.


Drupal is Not the Best CMS

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of website and applications. Research say’s that it’s not a CMS; it’s a CMF i.e. content management framework which means you can build anything you want.

  • Drupal has the best module directory which has the feature of drop down, so that user can know which module are under active development
  • Drupal isn’t easy to use when it is recommended someone who is new to CMS. It is one of the more complex content management framework in the market.
  • As like WordPress and Joomla it can be massive overwhelming to new user but It is the best when used properly.


So, what is the best CMS???

So, those who think your CMS is the best. I would say that it isn’t because there is not the best CMS nor will there ever be.

If you are planning to switch to another alternative, there are some of following CMS which can be helpful.

Simple CMS: SetSeed, Concrete5, Sageframe

Advanced CMS: MODX, craft

Publishing CMS: BrightSpot

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