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Use of object oriented programming approach depends on set of problem objectives that we are trying to achieve but not on languages let it be if it is PHP or .net, java etc.

One of the reason why we should we choose object oriented programming approach is it helps to make our programming more modular and reusable, so it can be reuse by other

Object oriented programming concept is nothing but a technique to develop your website/ application. OOP is a design uses objects and classes.

In PHP objects are defined using classes. A class contains all the definitions of functions and variables that describe an object

By using OOP in PHP you can create modular web application, can perform activities in the object model structure. These are few advantages of object oriented over procedural programming language.

In PHP, object-oriented notation reduces typing error when compared to using arrays for compound data structures. In object oriented PHP it is not required to put quotes around object property names which means it is not required to wrap variable declarations in curly braces.  

Object oriented is modular approach with the help of which building of reusable code generated which can be shared between applications
Object oriented concept can be beneficial when there is need to share and reuse code between applications.  The data entry forms were anticipated to change according time.

Object oriented mainly use for its inheritance and polymorphism feature, but never uses either of those two concepts, you probably don't need to be using a class in the first place

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