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5 Essential skills needed to be a computer programmer:

Computer programming is a simple way of coding to get the desired outputs. Many people think it as difficult job as they try to do in a complex way without starting from basics. Programming is not a theoretical subject to learn the whole concept first and then start to implement, we just need to understand the syntax and basics of language and start using our skills. Programming require your thinking skills, detailed understanding of minute things, managing time and reduced lines of code so that your code doesn’t take much time to load. Programmer should not have knowledge of only single language or platform; he should possess the basic knowledge of everything.

Logical Skills:

Programmer should understand the basic logical skills such as when to use if-then or while or for loop. Decision making statements are created in such a way that they look similar but they have different results, different approach and that is what programmer needs to understand what the code is expected to perform and what it is performingat particular moment. Choose appropriate syntax and use it in basic way.

Object Oriented Language Skills:

Most of the languages in today’s time follow the same concept and framework of Inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, etc. means we have the facility of reusability. It depends on programmer now as how he can make use of it. He can increase the performance of application by appropriately inheriting the classes, methods or properties.

Proper understanding and Listening skills:

Give full attention to people as what is their need, what outcomes they need, and in what way the execution should be. Then after this take your time to analyse the things, ask appropriate questions to them, think of the technology and find proper solutions to it.

Time Management:

After understanding the needs, proper understanding and with all your skills, try to manage your time so that it should not affect other’s time who is dependent on you.Time management is very important factor for a programmer.

Ability to test: 

Programmers should not see themselves as only coders. A good programmer will be an asset to company if he can test the code written. Programmer tests the code in different way as a tester cannot and can increase the code reusability and performance of application.

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