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MVC(Model-View-Controller) is a software architecture initialy known as design patterns and used in software engineering. The idea behind MVC was very simple that "The logics of an
application must be seprated from its presentation.

Anyways for starters, MVC provides very simple quote " You are seprating the logic from its display" however this sepration is going to help you to maintain the application and
to develop in an easy way.

A simple way to understand its working would be:

"Views" are for user intraction which means any user intracts with view only- for example by submitting a form or clicking a link. It always ckecks the state of the model and
response accrdingly.

"Controllers" are used to handle the user inputs and transfering the information to the model. It communicates between the "Views" and "Models".

"Models" is which actually contains your business logics and perform according to the controllers- for example adding the data into the database and perfoming calculations for
user input.

In conclusion MVC is good to provide the reusable, scalable, powerful code for any application and we can code fastly while following this. There are many frameworks available in the market which follows the MVC architecture.

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