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Companies who stay focused only on the business process tend to loose more on the market share or its action. Also companies who focus only on Marketing and public image tend to loose focus on imporving their business process. Balance between the both and you have someting to work with. Consumers bring in the dough ! Almost all of the businesses depend upon the consumers for cash-inflow. Checking the market pulse to get feedback and indentify new opportunities to explore can help you to land on a game changer. Finding exactly what the market needs and providing a quality solution at the right time can help you to step your business to the next level.

The traditionl way of looking at marketing only suggests that you need major investments in TV advertisements, Radio Broadcasting, News Paper advertisements, in hiring Agencies. This is not possible if your business in a growing pahase. Basically runnning a separate entity that helps you in Brand builiding and Marketing cannot be feasible !

So what can a growing business do to punch above its weight class and step it to the next level ?

Marketing : A simple way to get the word out is using free forums. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter Pinterest provide an excellent platform to plant the seeds of your business idea in the local markets. Target groups with common interests which are related to what you are selling. This will keep your efforts focused and targeted. Hence the chances ov converting a visitor to a customer will increase. Again all these platforms are free of cost. All you need is to come up with a simple strategy and implement it keeping in mind the time spent on it. It is easy to end up spending too much time with very less results.

Content Writing : It is one of the very basic requirement. It keeps the content you write fresh and inline with the changing market scenarios. Also it is important to ensure that the content is relevant and rich. It is difficult to come up with fresh content. Here are few helping guidelines:

1. Keep reading materials related to your business posted on forums, from books and other sources. This will help to keep you inspired and inline with current market thoughts and reactions.

2. Keep it simple silly : Content which is difficult to follow will do more harm than good. Content should be to the point incase of describing business process and easy to follow.

3. Should you hire content writers especially for blogs? Well initially we would suggest do it yourself. For this you need to manage your time properly. Try to look at it as a fun and relaxing activity. Blogs have now become very crucial and some thing like a blog gone viral can surley help you in the marketing department.

If you have any thoughts on this topic please feel free to share them in the comments section below.  

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