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Ghost button

  • First of all, the name Ghost Button is quite wondering name of the button which increases our curiosity to know about it that what exactly it is? what it does and what is the use of it? So this is the blog which will take us to Life of this GHOST BUTTON.


  • Have you come a crossed such a button which is transparent , empty only shows plain text inside it which is self-explanatory (asked to performed action on it)? If the answer is Yes then that button is called as GHOST BUTTON.


  • The name “Ghost Button” is due to its transparency and lack of feel.


  • The GHOST Button is a Button which is used in  HTML ,CSS to develop a website pages. Ghost Button is a naked button which are used for flat website and also used in iOS, Android UI Framework. As there is rise in Flat designs so Ghost Buttons are widely used in this era.


  • Now, again a question may arise that What is Flat Design ? So the answer is Flat design is nothing but the style of interface design which removes any stylistic effects which gives us three dimensional look of design(shadow effect , gesture etc).It is focused on minimum use of simple elements ,flat colours ,typography etc.


  • The feature of Ghost Button is:
  1.  Ghost button is a naked, transparent , hallow button.
  2. It has very thin border.
  3. It has the basic shapes like rectangular of squared.
  4. Internal section of this button is consist of plain text printed in sans serif font.


  • Benefits of Ghost Button:

1) File Size: Its fill size I so far less.

2) Unique: This button has its unique look as transparent and hallow.

3) Draw attraction: Due to its different look it catches the user’s attraction towards it if we design it properly.

4) Unobstructive: It is never obstruct what area and what background it has in it’s behind.


Conclusion: This button is used in web development to decorate the website.


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