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For any website development purpose, it requires a good user interface, strong middleware and, reliable database.  In present, there are multiple contents; code as well as UI is available on internet with the help of that, web developer can develop a good effective and attractive website in less time without facing major roadblocks.

There are multiple code and hints are available for middleware development purpose such as source code for PHP / Java / .NET etc.

Same is the case for database; let it be whatever database you use the help is always there on internet with detailed explanation.

When the pointer comes to UI, there are plenty of ready-made UI templates are available on internet, some are paid some are free. HTML templates for every UI design are easily available .for example templates for home page, blog page, login page, registration form, and single page –multipage/multipurpose website template and so on.

Now some of us may face problem that how to use this html template with our middleware and further level.

So here are some key points that we should keep in mind duringselection of HTML template

  • HTML template design must be meeting your website requirements, for that you must understand the entire requirement of your website thoroughly at initial level.


  • We should check if the template is fully responsive or not, that means it should be in proper indentation in every media screen size.


  • You must check if that template is highly customized, that means you can change the source code as per your requirement.


  • Few are some points which are add-ons but it should be consider while developing a good efficient and effective website.


  • Slider Content
  • Responsive Slide Menu
  • Rating System ready
  • Social Network ShareButtonsReady
  • Google Fonts ready
  • Google Maps ready
  • Semantic and SEO Friendly Markup


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