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  • “Parallax” is the term and now a days widely used trend in web designing world and many peoplewho are working on web designing and web development may read this parallax effect but they are unaware of what exactly the parallax effect is?
  • So , here a brief about Parallax effect of web design

Parallax is an effect applied to the web design which involves movement of background at slower rate to the foreground, creation of 3d effects when we scroll down the web page.

  • It gives very nice scrolling effect, 3d effects, and nice feel and beautiful look to the website.

This is the reason, of widely using parallax effect in web designing.

  • We can also call it as “phenomenon of scrolling website design”which is fast growing and becoming popular across the internet.
  • This effect will bring the user experience to a new interactive level of online viewing. This will definitely help web designers and web developer tomake their web presence more appealing to their sites.
  • By using this web designers and web developers are exploring the ways to get interacted with the visitors by engaging them due to visuals and functionality.
  • Advantages :
  1. It gives beautiful look to the website
  2. It provides nice scrolling effects.
  3. Will help to get more customers due to its beautiful look.
  • Disadvantages:

1) It is applicable to image only.

2) It requires ONLY HD images.

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