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We have changed a lot ! One has to agree that a conventional shopper has now gotten a wide array of platforms for buying goods.  Now a business has become bold and with several new avenues to exploit the chances of turning a small idea into a successful business is more of reality. This has now become possible only because of few specific things. A perfect balance of market demand and the technological advancement have lead to this situation. A customer is no longer the only one who walks into the shop. A business owner now engages a customer through e-mail, mobile-app, through a website and many other such electronic platforms.

Mobile App have now become a must to have especially in the consumer driven sector. This new market scenario has given the  developers a new avenue to explore and new challenges to work on. With demand there is supply and when it comes to IT field it is a lot. There is a strong community advocating for Open Source softwares, and it is because of this community you will get multiple choices for finding a solutions. Same is the case with mobile operating systems and their app development. Lets take a look at few of the popular choices available in the market.

Widgetpad : It is also an open-source mobile development environment for creating smartphone apps using  standard web technologies including CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript.The paltform includes project management and source code editing and debugging. It can be used to create apps for OSes such as iOS, Android and WebOS. This is still in beta phase.

RhoMobile : It is a framework that promotes cross platform app buliding. It is a Ruby-based framework that allows app development for a wide range of smartphones and operating systems.

Appcelerator : It is a framework that allows the user to create app through typical web dev languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby and HTML. Again this framework is extremely popular and can be used to develop apps acrossmultiple platforms. This framework has got a strong set of libraries especially for using audio and video hardware of the device.

PhoneGap : PhoneGap is an award winning platform and one of the hottest app development platform available in the market rightnow. It uses Javascript and HTML5 to develop cross OS applications. The emulator is extremely fast to load and the experience is extremely fluid. The libraries for hardware utilization are extremely strong and versatile.

Android SDK with Eclipse and Studio: Android Developers officially provide platforms that help to develop android apps. There are two options 1. Android SDK which works together with Java based Eclipse and 2. Android Studio which a integrated solution provider. Both the platforms are easy to use with lots of support material available for help online.

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