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Coding Websites or applications is a long process but there are lots of new thing we get to learn from the errors faced. Code Editors have made development easy and interesting as it fills the gap between text applications such as Notepad and full integrated Development environment such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc.

Code Editors are the tools which reduces the efforts to write thousand lines of code. Developers need Code Editors to save their time and code a website which is faster and easy to navigate between pages.

Some Code Editors are:

  1. Brackets:

Brackets is an open source code editor created with only client side web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is best for Web Design. It provides user friendly interface and quick edit option with live preview feature as well. It is cross-platform and provides some useful tools that push HTML and CSS to 1the browser without any need to save or reload the page.


  1. Notepad++:

Notepad++ is a free source code editor which supports multiple languages. It is running under Microsoft environment and a replacement of Notepad. Notepad++ is written in C++ which provides high execution speed and smaller program size.

It contains features such as Auto-Completion which includes word completion, function completion, etc. and other features like Multi-View, Syntax Highlighting and folding, bookmark.


  1. Sublime Text:

Sublime text is best editor for web designers and developers due to its extraordinary features such as user-friendly rich interface, functions, shortcuts and gives high performance. This tool is available for Windows, Linux and OS X. It has some features like

  • GoTo Anything which is used to open files with just few keystrokes or we can say shortcuts to quickly jump on lines or words you want.
  • Multiple Selections, to make changes in multiple lines of code at once instead of making same change many times.
  • Cross Platform- available for OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • It consists of python based plugin API to experiment in real time.


  1. Light Table:

Light Table is an open-source and interactive IDE for debugging and editing. It is a cross platform which allows you to modify running programs and embed/install anything from websites to games. It gives real time feedbacks and allows us to understand how our programs actually work or execute.


  1. VIM Editor:

VIM stands for Vi Improved which is an improved version of Vi Editor.

VIM editor is a powerful, portable and keyboard based editor. There is no need to reach for the mouse or the ctrl/alt buttons; it’s just 2 key presses with multiple functions. It exists on almost all Unix-like platforms and can be easily installed on Windows. As it is keyboard based, programmed macros are easier to understand.

It is lightweight and fast as compared to Brackets.



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