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SMO(Social Media Optimization) is the major part of SEO which deal with social media activities. In the cake of SEO we can say SMO as a piece of pie.

Social Media is a place where people come together to talk, discuss on particular topic and share their views in the form of comments. And SEO is something where you need to find the interests, likes and dislikes of your users or customers and to know what your customers exactly want and can get their feedbacks.

SMO helps in SEO by just some clicks, without need of much time and cost. In the market we have many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. With the good content and some creative images we can target many customers which is helpful for SEO as it needs unique customers who hit the company website.

SMO plays an important role in website’s search rankings as it drives more customers and creates awareness in very less span of time. We can track the social media activities with the help of Web Master and Google Analytics, can schedule the posts using tools such as HootSuite. Hence it is easy to keep a track and manage all accounts with just one account.

SMO profiles should be always updated and should represent your company and brand in a unique way, services should be clearly defined as that is the first impression on your customers. Your description should include the keywords and brief description about company.

SMO have some benefits as well as some drawbacks. If you are sharing some fresh and useful content surely Google will put you on the top because users are more interested to read that content instead of copied content. Google may block you or make your content as spammed.

Things to be focused:

  • Always keep your profile PUBLIC.
  • Don’t use any tools to increase page likes or any easy ways to increase SEO.
  • Customize your company URL.
  • Upload images with alt tags which are helpful for SEO.
  • Use your business name as your page name on Social Media Accounts.
  • Write fresh and useful content and share it with good images.
  • Try to give solutions to the customers.


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