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It seems that we have gotten either too lazy or too smart. The way technology and digital revolution has progressed ahead in past couple of decades or to be more specific since introduction of IOS and Android operating system based Smartphone in the commercial sector. It is because of this operating system, devices such as Tablets, PhonePad were introduced to the common public. Android has now found its way into our Cars with Music system OS and into our Homes with household devices being controlled by an Android based digital interface.


These Smartphone operating systems have also affected other market areas based on technology. Solution providers for market areas such as web development and web designing have found themselves a new avenue to explore. Considering the popularity of Smartphone devices and the abilities of internet service providers to give services at a reasonable rate to a mass audience, people are now access these services on the go. This new trend is smartly being observed by the tech-savvy and technologically aware business owner. There is a specific demand for web solutions that are specifically developed and designed to target people accessing internet on the go. The market has changed under the introduction and development of a fairly new and young e-commerce sector.


So the question is what should one focus on when going for a solution based for what we can call e-commerce transformed to mobile-commerce.


1. Do I really need it? Well this suggests that don't follow the herd. It seems that there are specific businesses that can really step up their game with a mobile solution. Businesses such as Clothing Stores or Food related Stores and Restaurants’ can surely benefit by this. You should also do an objective analysis whether your businesses is missing out on any specific action which you can explore.


2. Choose the Right Vendor: A vendor especially the developer plays a key role in optimising the business process. The skills and strategy implemented for developing a solution must be clean and well thought out. An optimised business process can really increase the quality of user experience.


3. Layout Design and Marketing: These play an important parameter to consider for the effectiveness and success of a Mobile solution. Layout Design has to have a good balance of simplicity and attractiveness. User is always up for intuitive cool new features to experience but not at the cost of performance. Care must be taken that the performance is fast across all the devices. Marketing ensures that the target audience is made aware of a easy and smart way to interact with your business. This will also help you to generate new leads and also conduct repeat business.


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