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India has made a lot of progress mostly due to it's acceptance towards the Digital revolution happening all around the globe. Largely due to it's young population and inherit-ant curious nature , Indians have caught up fast with the Western countries who are heading this digital venture. Internet has played a key role in making a business truly a Global business. Lot's of information is shared across over the Internet and well that  helps to move the economy ahead. Still a major part of Indian population is unaware of the security threats and areas of weakness when it comes to sharing information over the Internet. Technology has made a major impact on day to day lives of people but the level of security that is expected to facilitate more business is breaking down. In recent times there have been plenty of instances where not only a company's confrontational information is hacked and stolen but also personal and sensitive data is taken too.

Following are some general precautions that one can take:

1. Never click on links received from unknown users/sources.

2. Always type URLs in the browsers.

3. Never share your personal information or password over the Internet.

4. Change passwords to accounts after a particular cycle of time and don't keep the same password to multiple accounts.

5. Notify the authorities in case of any misuse or suspicious activity.

Although these rules seem simple enough to follow , a conscious effort must be made to implement them on a daily basis. Precaution is better that cure and this applies fairly when it comes to the usage of Internet. Feel free to share your thought and leave a comment in the section below.

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