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It is very clear that Internet has made the world smaller. The reach of a person sitting in a room can now be to the remotest part of the world. Sitting on your couch you can visit the Nigara Falls, look into the cities best offerings and night spots. It seems that this exchange of information is possible through one of the best offerings that Internet has given us "Community Forums". Be it related to Travel , Technology Medical or even Entertainment fields , forums provide a great of platform to share ideas. What Forums do the best is to bring people with common interests together. Creating such an environment will surely help to bring out the best, most innovative ideas from an individual. Value addition to the specific fields by the sources of Forum is truly incredible. If we talk about technology see what forums have given to Open Source software's like Drupal, Joomla or even Linux and Open Office. So if you can understand how to utilize the richness of a forum , you can definitely land on something that is truly unique and helpful. On Open forums it is not a obligation to answer a question within a time limit, this is a nature and very basic characteristics of it to which people have gotten used to. But still there are some small tricks that you can do to get quick answers.

1. Keep it clean , Keep it simple ! :

Whenever you are posting a question , keep it as simple as possible. Don't make it difficult for the intended reader to follow. Always check the grammar and sentence formation. The message should be clear and easy to understand. You can use e.g Issue 1: Description , Objective to make it simple to follow.

2. Engage the Reader :

 It is often observed that a query goes unanswered sometimes for weeks or even months. A query should be written in such a way that the intended audience or solution provider must feel tempted to write an answer.

3. It's not War :

Never ever get into a fight over some issues that are not adding value to the topic of conversation. Getting to a solution is the Key !. It is a big world with and everyone has a right to free speech. Although there are instances where this has been used to create nuisance , one must never forget that what is the purpose that has brought you to that forum and ask a question is it getting fulfilled ? Get the Basics right ! It is the best approach. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment section below.

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