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Drupal is a powerful and flexible framework for building virtually any kind of website. Below are some circumstances in which Drupal is a particularly compelling choice. Plenty of websites publish ‘structured data’ – not just in the form of products. A project list, testimonials, staff lists and archives are obvious examples. What a Drupal CMS can also do is provide simplified ways in which this information can be added to your website and routed through to specific locations within the site, with all links and cross-references properly maintained. It requires your website to be equipped with the means to receive information of a specified type, along with the logic to process it. Drupal is Open Source. Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of over 1,000,000 users and developers. It’s distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”), which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others.

What does SEO do for my website ? Do I really need it ? Well in a word yes ! Considering the number of active websites over the Internet there are is a stiff competition in the digital world. To get your website to rank well with Google or to have a good presence over the Internet we need to get some basics of SEO right.

SEO can give you :

1. Better visibility for your site, services or brand

2. Higher quality traffic from good sources

3. More focused marketing to get better conversion rate

4. Websites that are easier to use and will be easy to work on by others. Easy to navigate website will always get more user time.

5. Get more Business which aligns with you goals.

Is Drupal SEO friendly ? Right out of the box upto some extent it is SEO friendly, but it lacks a few key features. No need to worry though ! there a plenty of modules available for integration that will help you to configure your site properly. Even without additional modules, your Drupal site is likely to be indexed and easy to crawl through by the search engines.

How should I start with Drupal SEO ? The best way to approach this is to get your basics right. If you lay a good foundation by getting a few core modules enabled , it will surely help you with all the SMO and SEO activities that you are planning.

SEO Basics .. Get em' Right ! On-Page SEO

1. Header Optimization will help you to get the page information organised for the Search Engine.

2. Content Optimization will help you to ensure that you are putting out good quality content out there which is adding value to the end-users experience.

3. Sitemaps will help you to manage the differnet pages that your site has.

Off-Page SEO

1. Link Building will help you to get good references.

2. Social Media will help you top create the right kind of presence in the Digital World and also help you to reach out to a wider audience.

3.Local Listings/Directories will help your website to get noticed.

Also Refer : Which are the Drupal modules that I should use for SEO ? Go for the following core modules:

1. PathAuto Module : It will create SEO-friendly aliases for your nodes based on the node title.

2. Search Auto

3. Clean URLs URL Aliases will help you create page URL alias with description that will highlight the page content for the search engines.

This will help you to rank the pages well in the Google search.The combination of Path and Clean URLs allows you to create search-engine and human friendly URL aliases on your site with relevant keywords. Other Modules you can go for are

1. CCK and

2. Token.

CCK allows you to define custom content types and define custom fields.

Token is used by the Page Title module and is handy for pulling in bits of information from the data base using tokens. Drupal is a wonderful CMS and enjoys a lot of popularity among Open Source users. The Drupal community is strong and are driving the Drupal Engine. Drupal has a wide variety of modules and good amount inventory that can help to create web-solutions across multiple sections of the market such as the Medical , Industrial , Commercial and Consumer. Although we have highlighted only the basics for Drupal SEO , we think this approach is the best that will suit to mostly any type of strategy.

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