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No matter how many new hardware innovations and technological application the IT world can come up with the basic requirement of every device is common,'energy'. When we talk about energy we talk about electricity consumption. It is very simple to just assume that the root cause is wide spread and use of devices but that's not 100% correct. The Hardware technology is getting optimized step by step. With new material discoveries that help to build the components which consume less power the hardware is progressing slowly but surely. The question is will it catch up ?

1. One of the point that is highlighted focuses on reducing the need for resources, especially energy, during its life cycle.

2. Green computing can be achieved in software and by software. While greening by software aims at saving resources by the  help of software, greening in software aims at reducing the environmental impact caused by the software itself.

3. Besides saving energy and aiming for efficiency, green computing is a complex trade-off between efficiently using required resource and keeping the environmental impact low. This has consequences for architectural decisions.

4. Green-ness in the software is an emerging quality attribute that must be taken into the account in each phase of the software development process at each level of the ICT system from the application level via middle-ware to operating system and hardware. It seems that with a combined and cocscious efforts made to reduce the carbon footprint we can really start making a differece. Reducing the e-waste and energy consumption by implementing smart and efficient solution is the right way ahead.

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