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India is growing economy. It's population is young and vibrant. Considering the number of Metro cities and their populations one area that has seen significant growth is the food industry. People in India already enjoy a wide variety of food dishes. The culture is diverse and so are the cuisines. Be it  Rajasthani, Maharashtrian or Punjabi or something like Chinese or Italian, all the multiple cuisines can now be found in one city. The competition is high too , with multiple restaurant popping around every corner. To maintain a competitive edge every business needs a USP. To aid in the efforts a budding restaurant can go for a website.

Following are some point that a restauranteur can look forward to with a website.

 Attractive Layout with Pictures: Provide a Homepage with attractive banner images that will help promote the business and make it easy for the visitor to browse.

Separate section for Marketing and Promotion, at minimum cost: A website can provide a separate section for the Promotional, Festival activity on the website with an attractive layout to place product and images. You will be able to manage these activities easily online. Promotion through e-mails and internet marketing will be handled in a better way. This will help you get more customers. A website is more cost effective than traditional ways of marketing.

Ensure good foot traffic all day: It is generally observed that Restaurants only get rush crowd during breakfast, lunch and dinner time. With a website you can do promotional activities that will help you get customer even during odd hours. Timings like 4 pm to 8 pm can be targeted.

Target Young Crowd/ College students:  With a website that is accessible over the mobile you can reach to a wider audience. College Students and Young crowd frequency to a hotel is very important for the business.  These are the best repeat customers and will surely help promote a business faster.

Be on Mobile Phones:  There are 900 million people using mobile devices in India according to a survey done in September 2014.  70 % plus Mobile Internet users do shopping on the Mobile phone. There are a lot of IT people in Metro cities considering the IT revolution. We can develop the website that is easily accessible on mobile devices and will help attract more customers.

Display Menu with attractive Dish images and description:  A visually appealing menu card is a basic requirement for any restaurant. One can surely capture the imagination of the user with high definition images with beautifully written description of food items.

Online Ordering and Home Delivery: The ordering procedure can be completely automated and online. The shop will receive all the order details through mails with delivery details. This will help to manage the orders better. You can join the online payment portals with the website so that a customer can easily make payments when ordering online. Master card and Visa card payments are compatible.

Do promotion on Facebook and Twitter: A website can provide special menu for Facebook , Twitter so that people can share the website on them. This will help to get more customers. These are few points that can help a budding restaurant to create a positive impact in the market. Competitive edge can maintained through social media presence. Once you get a loyal set of customers it just a matter of consistency and time that can help you run a successful business.

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