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Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a social media and account management tool. It helps you to manage multiple social media accounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn etc through a single dashboard. HootSuite is more user-friendly and widely used. Extremely popular amongst Internet Marketing people. Scheduler is a very good feature that helps you to schedule your posts throughout the week or even   month. HootSuite allows for URL shrinking. This is a good feature and helps in keeping the posts clean. Hootsuite offers a free account that helps you to manage 3 social media accounts. If you want to manage more accounts and go for more features like bulk scheduling there are paid accounts that one can go for. As Everybody are using Social Media to get interacted with their friends, family, Business professionals etc. And while using this , if you come across a situation like you don’t have a time to visit your social media account and you want to post something which could be viral post on social media , for this situation this HOOT SUITE is the Best Tool to use. It takes less time to schedule content with the help of Hoot Suite but for quick scheduling  your contents should be ready the day before.

Easy steps ..

1) Create Your own account on it (if not) or else you can logged in with your another account (i.e. facebook , twitter ,Google+).

2) Add Social Network into it

3) Add streams of respective profiles.Once you will add respective streams into it , it will shows on dashboard. And also added profile’s count and respective symbols will show.

4) If you wants to schedule something then go to COMPOSE MESSAGE. In this,we can write text,shrink urls , select dates , attached files,video and audio too.

5) Your scheduling is done.


1) It Reduces time.

2) Instead of posting manually we can schedule post for particular time .

3) It will help to post something on behalf of you.

4) User friendly.


1) It adds only 3 profiles.

2) It has certain word limits.Only that much words we can write.so while scheduling something make sure that it will not be extend up to that word limit.

It seems that there are lot of solutions available over the internet do this activity but going for that right solution that doesn't harm or affect your cause in a negative way is extremely vital. With the right understanding and approach one can really create a good impact in the market through Internet Marketing.

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