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With the advent of revolution in the sector of information technology, each and every aspect of our live has a part of digitization in it. This principle also applies to the marketing sector popularly known as digital marketing or SEO in the modern era.

Gone are those days where newspaper, radio or cheeky television advertisements used to work wonders for brands. Now-a-days companies very carefully study their customers and craft the SEO strategy to target a specific group of customers. One of the prominent tools used by companies is hootsuite.

Advantages of HootSuite:-

1.Wider reach: The most promising feature of this tool is to schedule future posts across various social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, Google +, Instagram and many more social sites. In the free version post to three platforms is free and for more platforms used have to pay as low as $ 10 per month.

2.Customer Insights: Through daily post engagement and social listening companies get valuable customer data in the form of their  interest, likes and dislikes. This data helps them to make smarter business decisions and a competitive edge over competitors.

3.Brand Loyalty: A rigorous marketing campaign backed by a good product definitely can earn any company many loyal customers because marketing campaign can earn you customers but at the end  if it is done for a good product then customers will definitely be on your side in the longer run.

4.Targeted ads: This tool also helps you to run ads targeting a specific group of people based on age, community location or any other criteria. Not only this, you can also track the results of your campaign that too real time.

5. Increase website traffic: One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is that it helps website traffic which in turn helps to improve your digital image. A first page google keywords can do wonders from sales perspective.

6. Information about competitors: This also helps you to keep an eye on your competitor . With these info you can get a strategic edge and can plan your moves in order to counter attack your competitor’s move. Thus, improving your business.

Disadvantages of Hootsuite :-

1.Confusing Interface: The latest interface of the tool is good but still needs lots of improvement in terms of UX. This is because it can take a while for a new user to get acquainted with the tool’s interface.

2.Longer learning curve: To master the functionalities offered by hootsuite, it will definitely take time such as analytics, assignments, contacts etc.

3.Costly: The cost of pro plans is around $9.99 per month but this covers only one member, for the second member the charges just double around $20 per month.


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