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HITS: A hit is a request for one file from a web server.

For example, if you request (i.e. visit) a single web page which contains only text, the web server will send you that page as a file. This process is called a hit.

1 File Request = 1 Hit

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In the early days of the Internet, hits were a reasonable way of tracking how many pages were viewed. Each page was one file, so hits equaled page views (more or less). The problem is that in today's Internet, each page is typically made up of multiple files. Each time you request a page you receive a whole bunch of responses — each of which counts as a separate hit.

1 Page Request = Multiple Hits

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It is quite common for one visitor to generate dozens or even hundreds of hits during a single visit.

  • VISITS:General meaning is to go to a place in order to look at it, or to a person in order to spend time with them. In terms of website, visits means whenever an individual person visit to your website no matter how many times the same visitor is coming, it will counts all the visits.
  1. UNIQUE VISITit will be possible if and only if the cookies are enabled on the visitors computer. This will count the number of unique visits to the site.
  • PAGE VIEW:Each time a user visits aWeb page, it is called a page view. Page views, also written "pageviews," are tracked by website monitoring applications to record a website's traffic. The more page views a website has, the more traffic it is receiving. However, since a page view is recorded each time a Web page is loaded, a single user can rack up many page views on one website. Therefore,unique page views are commonly tracked to log the number of different visitors a website receives in a given time period.


  • TRAFFIC SOURCES: How do visitors find your site:


  1. Direct Navigation(type URL in traffic, bookmarks, email links w/o tracking codes, etc.)
  2. Referral Traffic(from links across the web, social media, in trackable email, promotion & branding campaign links)
  3. Organic Search(queries that sent traffic from any major or minor web search engines)
  4. PPC(click through from Pay Per click sponsored ads, triggered by targeted key phrases)

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