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Cloud computing is the next big thing. Most of the big names in IT world like Google, IBM etc  have already starting doing lots of activities on cloud. It is suffice to say that one can expect lots of software solutions and technological innovations based on cloud technology to hit the market. Costing and a general analysis of pros and cons suggest that cloud computing can be fast, cost effective and readily available in the long run. Enterprises and business have change their perspective on cloud computing regarding security and overall management process. Web hosts around the world are giving a serious consideration to adopting cloud hosting platform and offering it as a service to their customers. Small to Medium business will have to wait a bit since the costing will only come down when more and more people opt for cloud based solutions. But in the forthcoming years, it won’t be a surprise to see almost every web hosting company, be it small, mid-size or a big enterprise offering cloud products to its customers. 4 New things on can expect in cloud computing 1."Cloud Computing" becomes so popular and widely used that it becomes a standard service when we talk about computing. 

2.Already the IT world has seen the benefits of a having a Centralized database. This will now become a standard with cloud computing. Companies will now be able reap the advantages of having a centralized database.

3.With the current Smartphone revolution one can be sure that in the coming years the activities that a person can do with   a smartphone will increase significantly.

4.Managing Identities Will Soon Become The Need Of The Hour Cloud technology is the fast growing technology in the IT industry. Because it requires less resources as compare to dedicated servers and its cost consuming as compare to dedicated servers. But yes it requires expertise to manage these cloud systems. Cloud computing is very deep and vast concept. We can surely hope that the solutions that come into the market can be both helping us out with tasks and handling good security.

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