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Assuming that Apple actually is building a search engine, chances are it’s not prone to be a direct assault on Google — nobody goes to switch their search engine to, and Apple is aware of that. Instead, any search effort is way extra likely to be baked into Siri, Safari and Spotlight, i.e. locations where most recipient dig by the choices and change their search engine. Why? Let’s have a look at some history.

An Apple search engine, as crazy because it sounds, may have a big impact on Google in the long run. Check out Firefox Mozilla removed Google because the default search provider for its browser just some months ago, and it’s already led to Google’s market share dropping sharply, in accordance with Stat Counter. Even though users have the option to set their default search engine, usage of Google on Firefox fell from 82 % to 64 % over the past three months. Making use of the same tactic to Safari would seriously affect Google’s market share.

After all, we have to temper this speculation with the fact that nobody knows exactly what Apple Search is. It may simply be a refined Spotlight device search, a greater method to search for Apps or music on iTunes and even an inside tool written up by an over-zealous recruiter (the word “revolutionize” appears in at least 43 Apple job ads right now). However, with over a billion iOS devices out within the wild, responsible for lots of searches, a search engine can be a simple way for Apple to pitch a tent in Google’s backyard.

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