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The good SEO means the good content and unique data helps to search more quickly, indexing fast. As content is the king of any SEO friendly website as per the google webmasters guidelines. How to create powerful content to help you sell your services and grow your professional business? As the Internet has evolved, so has the ways that people discover content. Content used to be discovered on forums, then through email, highly-trafficked blogs, and search, leading to the SEO craze, explained Perelman.

Now, it’s primarily discovered through social media. If you consider that you raced people no but also consider that people reach you.For a story to go viral, it needs to be seeded in the right community. Twenty years ago, few thought digital media could compete with traditional media. “The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper,” stated a Newsweek article in 1995, yet here we are today witnessing the digital revolution change everything. Back then, it was hard to imagine how far digital would evolve and shape the world in which we live today. When it comes to increasing engagement, there are some techniques that will improve interaction and in turn increase your search engine rankings across all social media channels.

Essentially, the content is functioning in a multiple of ways:

  1. Increasing visibility.
  2. Encouraging backlinks for SEO, and
  3. social shares.      

Optimising the website for long tail keywords that are harder to target through the website’s static pages. Generating new customers, or clients, or whatever your end goal is (hopefully). The idea of “community” has already taken hold in social and content strategies. Influential blogs, profiles, pinboards, and Facebook Pages are recognized as well-established, with followings in the tens of thousands to the tens of millions. So when crafting your social media posts take those few minutes to check the most effective day and time to post to your Facebook Business. If content is King then timing is queen. Everyone is screaming that content is king. Everyone wants in on the content marketing space and brands from every industry are publishing content day in and day out.

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