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Taxonomy in Drupal is nothing but classifying your content in hierarchical manner such as categories, sub categories, etc. We can do this by creating vocabularies and adding related content terms to it. Term is something which describes your content. Taxonomy can be used for business purpose website may be a grocery website, restaurant website etc. For a website, we can have unlimited number of vocabularies and each vocabulary can have unlimited number of terms in it. Steps for creating and editing vocabulary:

  • Install Drupal 7 with E-bazaar theme.
  • Login to admin panel.

Go to structure tab >>Taxonomy >>Add vocabulary (Give name to vocabulary and provide description if needed (not mandatory).

  • To edit the vocabulary: Go to structure tab >>taxonomy>>Edit Vocabulary. Change name and description of vocabulary.

In vocabulary we can add our own fields and can manage the display as how it should look.

  • In edit vocabulary >>manage fields (Here you can add fields, make changes in existing fields, etc.)
  • In edit vocabulary >>manage display (Here you can manage the display of fields, format as how it should look such as inline, above, etc.)

Steps for adding terms to taxonomy:

  • Go to structure tab >>taxonomy >>Add terms (select the vocabulary in which you want to add terms).
  • If you want to view all terms of vocabulary then go to list terms option.
  • And if you want to arrange the terms in hierarchical manner according to your choice then provide row heights (weight) in front of those terms.(negative numbers-most priority, 0-mid priority and positive numbers-low priority).

At the end, go to content >>add content >>product. Fill all the details and your product is added.  

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