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To publish high quality content and inbound link are the main components of strong SEO strategy. But in 2014, the third key component will be social media since it has to be the component of the year 2013, but we see that most business owners still haven't got the message. Social media wasn’t around when SEO first developed, but it’s now trending across all industry and culture. This in-turns provides readers and search engine alike with new metric which measures quality.

Let’s explore each element:-

Content Strategy:- 

It goes beyond simply publishing great content. Before you can begin publishing content strategically, you need to understand your target market as well as what words and phrases (keywords) they’re searching for in the search engines. A regularly updated company blog with well-written, insightful blog posts will garner a reputation for publishing great content, which will attract more inbound links, social media buzz, positive branding, traffic, leads, and sales. Content should always provide a benefit or value to the reader. Inbound Links :- Link building is a set of SEO tactics that results in the creation of hyper links from other websites to your own. When it comes to links, especially in the age of smarter search engine algorithms, quality always trumps quantity.

Social Media:-

Social media gives companies an additional platform to interact with customers, build their brand, and create a community, all while also driving traffic to their website. Strategy is different for each company, depending on its target market and what they are interested in.    It focuses on maintaining customers and strengthening relationships with them It's like the famous dialogue said by Mr. #Amitabh Bachchan;- "Humari Tambu 3 bambu pe khadi hai". Similarly each of these three elements benefits the other, and without all three elements, your “SEO campaign” can’t stand.

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