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The world of Technology is constantly evolving and updating itself. The saying "Big things have small beginnings" has never been so true when it comes to the Digital sphere. One can never know , the next big thing like facebook, android might me right around the corner !

It always helps to keep your ear to the ground and keep checking the pulse with innovations in Technology. Concepts such as web designing, web development , search engine optimization always get some new inputs frequently.

Here are some key factors that you can look forward to with Web Designing in 2015.

1. Micro-Design:- Responsive design are now a standard requirement. It had shaken up the Web in the last few years, and it shows no sign of leaving. Micro-design is all about a consistent personality; focus on details, but ensure your approach is consistent.

2. The Internet of for everything:- Multi-Device support for internet connectivity has always been around as the next step. Fridges, fans that can be remotely monitored have been in and out of market. With no consumer rush to embrace connected devices and drive the change, the Internet of things will arrive gradually over the next decade or more. We suggest that don't be in a rush to buy a smartwatch or iwatch unless you absolutely need one.The best approach is still platform-agnostic, responsive design.

3. The Decline of Framework dominance :- There has been a decline in jQuery’s fortunes,with more and more people preferring lighter,solutions.Moving ahead the same will happen to frameworks. We don't think Bootstrap, Foundation will disappear altogether.But one can expect dozens more frameworks to be released in 2015. Each one will surely take up a small market chunk. We suggest a focused research before implementation, selection of technology.

For now we have highlighted only there points that one can expect in web designing for 2015. We will keep our ear to the ground and keep you posted on new developments. For more information keep on following our blog.

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