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#Intel CEO Brian Krzanich plucked a button off his sport jacket and held it up during his CES 2015 keynote Tuesday night (06-Jan-2015). It was not actually a button,but instead the successor to the postage stamp-sized #Intel Edison Chip unveiled at last year’s CES.

Curie was just one of a number of new technologies Intel unveiled during its CES 2015 keynote. Curie, the tiny computer has processing power, #Bluetooth LE and sensors and is designed for future wearables. It should arrive in the second quarter of this year. As part of the wearable revolution, Intel expects Curie to drive a new wave of wearable products, ones that can, like a jacket button, seamlessly integrate with our current fashions.

Krzanich also spent a substantial amount of time on the company's new computer vision system RealSense, which falls under the Intelligence Everywhere rubric. It's in #Dell's new 6.6 mm thin Venue 8 7000 tablet and can add photographic features like changing focus after a photo has been taken, as well as 3D mapping and gesture awareness. He also presented a little army of RealSense-equipped Firefly drones that could see objects and each other and use that motion capture information (and not GPS) to autonomously navigate their world.

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