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The #DoT (Department of Telecommunications), has ordered ISPs to block 32 websites order through providers like #BSNL and #Vodafone under section 69A of the Information Technology(IT) act, 2000 and the #IT act Rules, 2009.

One Indian official said #ISIS propaganda is the cause for blocking the nearly three dozen #websites. It is being announce by Mr. Arvind Gupta that, "The websites that have been blocked were based on an advisory by Anti Terrorism Squad, and were carrying Anti India content from #ISIS".

The block was first reported by Pastebin,howerver Arvind Gupta,the national head of Indian political party #BJP, tweeted out that motion to unblock,, and has been initiated.

In response to Mr. Gupta and Mr. Rai(director of Emergency Response Staff) solely these websites will probably be unblocked which can co-function with the authorities and take away the objectionable content material from its database. At the time of writing, aside from #GitHub, we obtained the ‘URL blocked’ message for the different three websites.

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