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A customer has now become mobile. With increase in the usage smartphones coupled with faster,better internet services a people are now able to do lot of things on the go. This was not possible earlier as only a few devices were able to do this and only a few range of people could afford them. Things have changed now and for the #webdevelopmnet people it's the same. Focus is now on building websites that are #mobile responsive. This can help to target a wide range of audience.

Business owners have realized the increase in online #e-commerce and demanding that websites should be developed keeping in mind the #smartphone user. Advertising efforts on Internet makes highest probability to reach out people in the world. Many parameters like social media websites, e-commerce and email messages are key platforms where we can promote products.

Key factors while developing a mobile responsive website include the layout,controls and overall navigation through the different pages. One can only implement this successfully by making a conscious effort to put out a good product. Developers have to work with customer's requirements so that the end product can create the desired impact.

Considering the market demand , it might not be long from now that #webdesign and development will have mobile responsiveness as a standard to meet.


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