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Pros and Cons:

The main thing while doing a website is to pick a great platform for a website. It must be considered, to select the right plugin among hundreds of plugins to make it all look amazing. But it is completely different and difficult thing to position our content properly across the template and achieve responsiveness as well as browser-friendly page layout. It can be tempting to be guided purely by a page template a web host has provided. However, we should always be aware what we are missing are the vital features that could make the difference between a failing website and a highly successful one.

Best Options:

There are some techniques/principles which all effective websites follow. Device compatibility and fast loading are few of them. If we do something wrong, we can lose visitors before they have even started surfing our content. But if we get them right, we still have a lot of work to do to convert our visitors into customers.

The first thing we should decide is which platform we need, a content management system (CMS) or a dedicated website platform or website builder. It will do us little good to opt for a CMS that needs lots of tweaking to create an appealing site, or one who’s required add-ons slow down the entire online experience.

Initial Level Hosting:

Most of them hosting prices start at $8 to $10 a month for a simple website which can be customized to provide commercial services and some considerably more expensive. The drawback might be that hosting providers not provide great website themes. We might be better off investing into a professional website template for our service. This is not to rubbish the many great free themes available for virtually every platform, but focus that a paid template comes with support and upgrades. Some theme vendors even offer free customization.

Color Palette

Whether we choose a simple, clear design or a complex solution, color palette is an important point to be considered. If we provide entertainment services blue would be a bad idea. Placing red call-to-action buttons on a grey background would be equally bed. Experimenting with color themes should follow the basic rules of color mixing and stick to a set number of colors. These should mesh with the service we are setting out to provide – and with each other. Making it all work is an art, but the time and effort will pay off!

A professional secret from which we can benefit is that using a template without customizing it is a bad idea. Even the best templates are just that: anonymous, standard constructs with all the individuality of a tower block. Do we want our browsers to wonder whose site they are visiting right now? Sure, trends matter; webmasters pay each other the ultimate compliment of imitation all the time. But distinctiveness will always win hands down. We really owe it to ourselves to take time, tweak the selected website theme, and make it appealing for our particular customer – not some average statistic out there.

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