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Adobe edge animated is a animated tool which is developed by Adobe System that is capabilities of their other applications like Dreamweaver. Adobe Edge animated known as a  Adobe Edge This tool use the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Also Its compatible with windows, Phone 7 other Browser.

Adobe Edge Animated Launch on August 1, 2011 This tool is replacement of Adobe flash It is use on web as we create a menus, buttons Animation in Edge Stage using HTML5,CSS3,JAVASCRIPT are generated the code in the background, IN a coding we can customized our Creations by adding third party  that is JavaScript libraries.

What is possible in Adobe edge animated?
1] View code with Timeline Trigger
2] Use Custome Web Forms
3] Animated Types
4] Add keyframes with motion Paths
5] Work on audio on timeline

Adobe Applications
Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Edge Reflow, Adobe Edge Code, Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Web Fonts
Its collect online Fonts and provide it in tool its available for use in web documents. These fonts are provided by Adobe, Google, and independent contributors. Its integrated with other application which suited by this service this allowing for a larger catalogue of fonts to be used in web development, whilst remaining compatible with all devices. It is also accessible via the Edge Web Fonts site, which is generate the code including the other sides . It is powered by Typekit But typekit not provide same services it’s a free for use.

PhoneGap is a programming Language which is build applications for mobile devices, using JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Instead of device-specific languages such as Objective-C applications are developed independently of their intended platforms, and then it will compiled and packaged as applications for a range of popular mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

It is a service which allows subscribers to embed fonts into online documents. This service is free for use. Unlike Edge Web Fonts, Typekit requires a subscription, which was provides access to the font library. This system developed by small batch, and purchased by Adobe in October 2011. A free subscription is available to the service, with a more comprehensive option costing an annual fee.
Adobe announced that it will no longer develop Flash for mobile browsers and is planning on developing new products with more open technologies and standards like JS,Air,HTML,CSS will continue to support development of native apps (which do not run in a browser) on mobile platforms.


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