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LinkedIn is a great platform for connecting professionally with people. We also used Linkedin for finding work and sharing content. But have you ever thought of using LinkedIn for lead generation purpose?

“What are the ways to use LinkedIn for lead generation?”

1. Introduce Yourself
If you feel comfortable to make a connection with someone on LinkedIn, feel free to go through their contacts. Copy and paste a short list of names which would you like to be introduced to, and message them asking if they would be willing to make a quick introduction for you to each of them.

2. Participate in Discussions
There are targeted discussion groups on LinkedIn. These groups are full of people looking for support and answers. Give your expert knowledge and start relationships in these groups.You will quickly generate new leads for your business.

3. Search for Connections
A Boolean search on Google is an amazing way to source leads. This is based on keywords in LinkedIn. In the Google search bar, you have to simply type your string, which could be like: site: AND (“keyword 1” OR “keyword 2?). Enter search, and all the people on LinkedIn that match those conditions will show up.This is the best way for targeted leads.

4. Find Common Interests
There is one function within the group settings so that you can send free messages to any member of that group, regardless if you’re connected with them. You can join up to 50 groups.So maximize that limit with groups of people you want to connect with. Make sure that you provide a mutual benefit for both parties when you message potential connections.

5. Use Flattery
One tactic which we used a lot, especially when reaching out to other startups, was to compliment their business. We would say that I thought there were interesting ways for us to work together. It sounds stupidly simple, but it’s extremely effective.

6. Collect Leads
LinkedIn Ads has an optional feature called Lead Collection. This feature allows to collect leads directly through LinkedIn ad campaigns. In that members who click on your ad are taken to your landing page with a button to request you to contact them. It’s incredibly easy for the user, and it’s easy for you to build up a nice lead generation list.

7. Research Profile Views
LinkedIn has a feature which shows you people who visited your profile. We would contact those people, if they are a connection, by sending a message that says, “Hi, is there anything I can help you with?” If they’re not a connection, then send a note saying, “Hi, I noticed you recently visited my profile.

8. Search with Advanced Filters
One of the best features of a LinkedIn premium account is being able to use advanced filters in search. Not only can you search by company and relationship, but premium advanced search allows you to search by function, seniority level and company size.

9. Connect with Twitter
Chances if you are pretty active on Twitter. If you are, you can amplify simply by connecting Twitter to LinkedIn.So that every Twitter update will be reposted to your LinkedIn followers.

10.Publish Articles
We promote our guest contributions on LinkedIn and engage with prospect by asking for feedback on the content. If you utilize LinkedIn, you will provide more value and ultimately form stronger relationships.


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