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Employee engagement refers to, “An employee’s job satisfaction, loyalty and inclination to expend elective effort toward organizational goals.” The more engaged employees you have, the more positive outcome you will see – from both a bottom line and a corporate culture standpoint. It is as simple as that.
Is employee engagement something your company fight with? Start shifting the numbers in your support with these easy tips to instantly engage your employees:

Pitch out the job description
We aren’t suggesting you should discard your entire functional structure, but when thinking about roles, and capabilities it’s important to keep individual employees in mind. Management expert inspires supervisors to build each job around the capabilities and interests of the person who currently holds that position. He points out that people feel more focused and perform much better when they enjoy the work they are doing, and a good manager should be able to expand their leadership skills to consider an employee’s strengths when assigning any projects.

Admire co-workers
Managers are not the only ones who can complement a job well done. Encouraging peer-to-peer recognition within the workplace can be invaluable in increasing employee engagement. A simple “great job” from a co-worker goes a long way in inspiring employees to embrace teamwork and celebrate achievements. When co-workers celebrate shared wins and encourage one another to succeed, they are motivated to perform at their best. Spreading praise throughout the office is transferable and serves the dual purpose of instantly engaging employees and building a supportive work culture around shared goals and values.

Make every employee a “representative”
If you trust your employees enough to tell them about your company’s challenges, as well as its victories – you will find that they place a high value on your honesty. When employees feel like they’ve been brought in on the real, true story, they are better able to understand the reasoning behind their company’s policies and actions. As an additional benefit, greater transparency often lead to innovation, as employees feel inspired and empowered to offer creative solutions to shared problems, which they will likely want to implement themselves.

Give instant rewards and recognition
“Congratulate” is one of the “10 C’s” of employee engagement. The research finds that most employees feel that they receive quick feedback (otherwise known as criticism) when they do something wrong, but that recognition for their positive contributions is usually slow in coming. The most effective leaders make sure to deliver immediate recognition and tangible rewards for a job well done. Rewards and recognition are most impactful when given frequently and tied back to specific desired behaviour’s or actions, as opposed to generally positive feedback provided quarterly or even yearly.
Employee engagement is not something to take lightly. Industry research shows that why employee engagement matters: Just a 1% increase in employee engagement leads directly to an additional .6% growth in sales and companies with highly engaged workplaces have been shown to perform their peers by 147%. So don’t pass up these simple solutions to help address a complex issue.


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