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What are Beacon
Beacons are small wireless devices that broadcast signals using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
Have the capability to interact with applications on mobile devices. They can transmit messages to a customer’s Smartphone or tablet.
Mobile apps on compatible devices are able to listen for signals from beacons placed in the physical world and then take an experience via the app.
By experiences we mean things like sending a notification, coupon, video and  forms of media that are relevant to a person's exact location.
Beacon enabled apps are notified when the device enters or exits the range of a beacon.



Range of Beacon
The range of a beacon varies depending on the manufacturer, hardware settings and physical surroundings.
But can typically its range is 5 centimeters to 50 meters, creating a wide range of use cases. Each beacon broadcasts a set of unique IDs which means that a mobile app can tell them apart from each other.

What is Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)
BLE is an intelligent and power friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology and exchanges data over short distances using radio transmissions.
The technology itself is simple, secure
It is intended to replace the cables that connect devices.
BLE will be one of the key technologies behind the growth of the Internet of  Things (IoT) - a network of physical objects that can exchange data via the existing Internet infrastructure.

Advantages of Using Beacon technology
Low impact on battery life - designed to have very low power consumption, which means that beacon powered apps have minimal impact on the devices battery life.
App engagement / wake-up - Mobile devices automatically wake-up when they come within ranges of beacons.  This unique feature of beacons offers a powerful way to drive engagement with your mobile app at exactly the right time and place. It's also a great to drive repeat usage of your app
No Internet connection required - Mobile apps can pick up beacon signals without an Internet connection and store data locally on the device..
Low cost of entry - Setting up and taking advantage of a beacon network is relatively low cost when compared to other technologies such as Wi-Fi.

What do you need to use Beacon Technology
Beacon enabled mobile app.
Network of deployed beacons.
Bluetooth switched on and relevant permissions.

Shopping Complexes
Beacons can play a major role in retail marketing. They can attract consumers by sending offers, discounts or any other interesting thing through push notifications. As soon as a user comes in the range of any beacon,  he can receive the offers in real time.

Flight delays and endless waiting hours is a very common problem. During such situations, brands can attract passengers by sending  information, offers, discounts etc. and provide a fine retail experience.

Museums/Zoo -
Although these places, have the relevant information displayed on boards,  information, related videos, captivating images etc. send to a user’s device will enrich his experience.

Relevant information like meeting agenda, guest details, key note speaker details, their biography and much more can be easily pushed to the right person at events and conferences with the help of beacons.

1. Low Energy signals: If the range of Bluetooth signals is 70 meters and in order to provide great battery life for itself and your device, they are really weak. If there is Obstacles such as walls, people etc. then that degrade the signal and hence give less accurate measurement.
2.Signals are Easy to duplicate:  This feature, often considered a strength, can be a weakness too. Though,  it allows you to deploy the same beacons at multiple sites, it also makes it easy to misuse.
3. Interference:  Suppose your design requirement (in, say a museum) needs you to place multiple beacons close to one another. So there are multiple beacons, with a unique ID each, placed close to each other . How do you decide which beacon a particular visitor is nearest to, it is difficult to decide.


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