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What is rich answer?

A “rich answer” is Google’s way of providing direct information to users for all types of queries.Rich answer are quite simple and clear answer to users for all types of questions.Rich answer is the information extracted by Google from third party websites.It is relevant and direct information related to user query.

What do rich answers look like?

Rich answers come in many forms.They can be receipes, sports scores, stock graphs, calculators, sliders, step by step directions, maps and many more.So they all are divided into three broad categories.They are as follow:

1.Answers provided by Google
2.Basic Snippets
3.Featured Snippets

1.Answers provided By google:- These information are shown at the top of web search result.These are public domain information.Although they are not useful for your website still it is important that you know for simple question.

2.Basic snippets:-These information are often present within the web search result.

3.Featured Snippets:-These are the results extracted by google from third party website.These are present at the top of web search result.

Strategy to Getting a Rich Answer

How does Google decide which content to display in it's rich box and how can we optimize our content to being featured.Here are some strategies you can use:

1.Identify a simple and most common question:-For that use keyword planner tool.Another good way to discover questions by paying attention to questsions that are come up in the Google Autofill.We can also see the questions which are come in 'Related searches' Box and 'People May Ask' Box.These is the great way to target your content.

2.Content Modification:-After identifying the questions then create content that specifically answers those questions.Here you can use step by step answers format.Keep these answers short and sweet.

3.Use the Keywords in those short answer:-This is not too suprising.That makes them even more likely to attract peoples attension.

4.Use H1 tag and Li tags:-Mark up questions with H1 tag and for answers use Paragraph tag.Use li tag for step by step answers.

5.Craft and publish pages:-Create pages and make sure that Google discover these pages quickly by sharing them on Google+..

        1.Save user time
        2.Simple and Direct answer
        3.Relevant information
        4.Get high traffic without holding high rank
        1.Users no longer have to click through Google search results.
        2.If get quick answers users aren’t like to go to your website


Rich answers present a terrific opportunity for smaller, newer, less authoritative sites. Google is going to continue down this path, so you should learn to make this work to the benefit of your business. If you design your content the right way, it can bring real and immediate traffic benefits as well.

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