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As we all know every 1 person you meet out of 10 have a start idea or have already started working on his/her idea for a better future but what is important we should understand not all these startups become Flipcart or Amazon, some wins the race some fall apart in their initial stages. It is every important for any individual or a group of entrepreneur to follow the standard process and not to take short cut to success. Below I will try to draft some points which would help you evolve your thinking for a better and scalable startup model.
Step 1: Create a Realistic Business Plan:
All those who wish to work on their ideas have to have a realistic business plan in mind before starting with the business model of the drafted idea. For the plan to be realistic you need to go beyond your skills to actually gather all the relevant information about the concept from your personal market experience. In order to be in line with the market trends you must understand the importance of  information or data related to your idea once you have relevant information you must collate the information and work collectively to achieve the end goal which is the problem solving concept you are creating which will in turn help the society.   

Step 2: Taste your Idea:
Once you have all the relevant information in place it’s the time we taste the idea in real life scenarios and by creating a prototype for collection of generic end user feedbacks. As the more time you spend in these initial days the more the final product would be refined accordingly to the end user. So the basic thing is you need to work more in the initial days compared to the days you spend expanding your idea.

Step 3: Study the Market:
Study the market demand and accordingly start to align your thinking on your conceptual idea so that it perfectly adapts to the market when it is introduced to the end user. So, you need to be aligned to the market treads the market demand the market taste and all those things which would define your idea once it is showcased to the larger set of audience.

Step 4: Understand the Customer:
This is simple whatever you are planning must be aligned to your user i.e. your customer. The Idea should solve the current problems of the customer and present him with a solution which is beneficial and useable at the same time. Understanding the end user and adapting your concept accordingly is the right way to go about the business as at the end the customer is the one which would consume/use your idea.

Step 5: Keep It Simple:
You don’t have to try lot of things together you just too stick to one idea and keep it simple for the end user to digest and follow what you are thinking about the solution you are presenting it to them. The simpler and promising you keep the more attention you will get once you show it to your end audience.


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