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Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is a project designed by Google and Twitter to make really fast mobile pages. AMP is a way to build web pages for static content that render fast. AMP in action consists of three different parts

It is HTML with some restrictions for reliable performance and some extensions for building rich content beyond basic HTML. AMP HTML is based upon HTML extended with custom AMP properties. Though most tags in an AMP HTML page are regular HTML tags, some HTML tags are replaced with AMP-specific tags. These custom elements, called AMP HTML components, it will help to make common patterns easy to implement in a easy way.

JS is JavaScript framework for mobile pages. It manages resource handling and asynchronous loading. Third-party JavaScript is not permitted with AMP.

Content Delivery Network, it will take your AMP-enabled pages, cache them and automatically make some performance optimizations. The CDN handles validation of the AMP page to guarantee that the page is working and that it doesn't depend on external resources

• Custom AMP Editor: - If you had already written the content in Post or page then it allows you to override your Content, so you can add the different content just for AMP.

• Mobile Redirection: - More than 50% of your traffic is from mobile and If you are not doing anything to improve their user experience, performance, which means you are falling behind on SEO and it can result in lower SERPS. Lightning fast mobile version means faster User experience means more engagement which directly results in the lower bounce rate. 
• Google Analytics Support.
• User Friendly Theme Options Panel.
• Unlimited Color Scheme.
• Image Logo Upload.
• Better Image stretching and resizing.
• YouTube Video, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook video Embed Support.

• Open source.
• Loading pages faster you might see an SEO advantage as speed is a ranking factor in SERPs.
• Prevents users from bloating pages with large CSS and JS frameworks.

• Supports only AMP JS functions which means your own third-party JS might not be supported. You can use custom JavaScript in <amp-iframe> tags but it won’t allow you access to data within the script.
• No browser support for IE11 yet which means Windows Phone users are currently out of luck. 

Accelerated Mobile Page provides easy way to loading pages faster. It provides a relatively easy way to improve the speed of mobile websites for publishers. With the end of February approaching, and the Google News Lab conducting regular office hours via Hangouts, we can expect to Google to roll out its integration soon.

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