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A class dedicated For each Java's eight primitive data types. Those are known as wrapper classes, because they "wrap" the primitive data type into an object of that class. Java.lang package contains all the wrapper classes , and they are imported by default into each Java programs.
In java wrapper class provides the mechanism to convert object type into primitive data type and primitive data type into object type .
Since J2SE 5.0, unboxing and autoboxing feature converts object type into primitive data type and primitive data type into object type automatically. Automatic conversion of primitive data type into object type is known as autoboxing and vice-versa unboxing.

Wrapper class

Example : Primitive data type to Wrapper class

public class WrapperEx{  
public static void main(String [] args){  
//converting int data type into Integer object wrapper class  
int a=200;  
Integer b=Integer.valueOf(a);
Integer c=a;
//it’s a autoboxing, automatically compiler will write this line of code Integer.valueOf(a) internally  
 System.out.println(a+" "+b+" "+c);  
Example: Wrapper class to Primitive data type

public class WrapperEx1{    
public static void main(String []args){    
Integer z=new Integer(3);
int x=z.intValue();
//Converting Integer object wrapper class to int data type
int y=z;
//it’s a unboxing, automatically now compiler will write this line of code internally z.intValue()     
System.out.println(z+" "+x+" "+y);    

Automatic conversion by the Java compiler makes between the primitive data types to  the related  object wrapper classes is called as Autoboxing.
For example, changing a double to Double wrapper class , and an int to an Integer wrapper class, and so on.
Integer object_name = int veriable_name;

If the conversion goes the other way, this is called unboxing
int veriable_name =Interger object_name .intValue();
Table of Primitive type and Wrapper class
Primitive type    Wrapper class
boolean             Boolean
byte                  Byte
char                  Character
float                  Float
int                     Integer
long                  Long
short                 Short
double               Double


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