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What is web server?
A web server is act like a restaurant host. When you go to restaurant , the host welcomes you and proceed further to your table. Similar to this web server checks for the web page you have requested and fetches it for your viewing purpose. As web server is not only act as your host but it is working as server maintaining your web traffic on your local machine.  It manages the requests made by your machine to outer network connected by internet. Also it handles traffic between two machines connected by LAN, WAN etc. So web server is software that accepts your request to access a web page. It checks on your HTTP request and takes you to the web page.

Apache Server:
Apache is most popular server the reasons behind popularity are given below:
1. Free and easily available and simple to install.
2. The code is open source and can be modified by anyone. People can add new features and write new modules.
3. It can serve both static and dynamic content. Also supports small websites to large websites.

Apache is a software which works in backend under respective operating system and which supports multi-tasking, and provides services to other applications that connect to it, such as client web browsers. Firstly it was designed to work on only Linux/Unix operating system but later on it is modified to work on other operating systems such as Windows and MAC. he Apache binary running under UNIX is called HTTPd(short for HTTP daemon), and under win32 is called Apache.exe.
Apache server gives facility to make changes in it . Just we have to restart the server and the changes made are reflected inside it. The Apache server very easily integrates with other open source applications, such as PHP and MySQL, making it even more powerful than it already is. Installing Apache on Linux does require a bit of programming skills (though it is not too difficult). Installing it on a Windows platform is straight forward, as you can run it through a graphical user interface.

Apache's main role is all about communication over networks, and it uses the TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol which allows devices with IP addresses within the same network to communicate with one another).
The TCP/IP protocol is a set of rules that define how clients make requests and how servers respond, delivered, received, and acknowledged also determine how data is transmitted.

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