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Mongo DB is a open source freeware database having cross platform compatibility. It is completely different from traditional database which works on relational database.  Mongo DB is designed and developed by Mongo DB Inc and is publicshed under a GNU Affero General Public License and the Apache License.

1. Queries: It supports regular expressions in queries. Also supports user defined Javascript in the Queries. Also it can give shuffled query results of specified size.
2. Index: Each and every field in Mongo DB is structured or indexed. It also provides facility for secondary index.
3. Ability to Replicate: Mongo DB is based with high availability of replication sets. Each replica maintains the copy of other record using built in replication.
4. Load Balancing: The data in Mongo DB is shared or balanced with sharding. Each user is provided with the shard key which specifies how data is going to be distributed. Also it has an ability to work on multiple servers. Which reduces redundancy of data and helps in improvement of speed.
5. File System: Mongo DB can work as File System managing load and replication on data over different machines for storage of files.
6. Javascript Execution on Server: Mongo DB supports javascript to be used in queries, aggregation functions so can be sent directly to database.
7. Capped Collections: Mongo DB works in a circular queue after specified size has been reached.

Nexus Architechture
Mongo DB works by combining critical capabilities of relational database with new innovations in NoSQL.

 Installation process for Mongo DB
1. Download MongoDB setup from MOngoDB website.
2. The files are stored in C:\Program Files\MongoDB

3.Double Click on setup


4.Accept the licence agreement.


4.    Select Complete option for full mongodb installation.

5.    You can see installation processing is on.


6.  After the installation is complete create a default directory folder where  MongoDB will save all its data.
7.  For storing open command prompt type command
       C:\ > md \ data\db.
8.  Type MongoDB command to start the server.
9.  Use command mongo to check server is started or not.
10. After this you will be able to start working on MongoDB.

In short MongoDB structure is structured to become fast DB. It consists without schematic. Having no joints means it is flexible. And important thing is easy to learn with featured tools for data analysis.


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